A lyrical piece for Flute, Violin and Piano. Flute and Violin conduct an on-going dialogue over a flowing accompaniment by the piano. A romantic central melody is followed by a more animated section and the piece concludes with reconciliation between the protagonists, to put a programatic interpretation upon it which was not intended.

Price £9.99 plus £2.50 for 1st Class postage (includes separate parts for Flute & Violin)
The score is A4 (folded A3), 11 pages 284 bars
Performance time approx: 6:00 mins

I don't have a live recording but offer a somewhat mechanical sampled version via the Sibelius score program to give an idea of the piece, which may be heard from the Play Bar below.
Romance front cover
First page of Roance score
Second page of Romance score
Third page of Romance score