Octave Variations

Written in 1954 when a student at Bretton Hall, for a recorder quartet we had formed, this was my first published work by Schott & Co Ltd.

The original Theme uses all eight notes of a melodic minor scale, perhaps a sideswipe at the twelve-tone obsession prevailing at the time, and each of the following six variations features a different interval of the scale, as of a 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc., variation 8 is a short Fughetta and the piece concludes with a lively Finale in calypso style.

Extracts from each movement shown here.

The work is dedicated to the other members of the original Quartet, Frank, Alex and Tony.

Recently performed in Leeds by the new prize winning Consort Audite Nova

Price £10.00 plus £2.50 for 1st Class postage (includes separate parts for each instrument)
The score is A4 12 pages 151 bars
Performance time approx: 6:30 mins

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Octave Variations Theme
Variations Two and Three
Variations Three and Four
Variations Five and Six
Variation Seven