A setting for Male Voice Choir of words and a melody provided by Paul Hickson, himself a singer in the Marazion Apollo Male Choir.
A tale of Jack’s progress through various aspects of Cornish life with a satisfyingly unexpected punchline.

The Marazion Apollo Male Choir perform regularly in this area and have just returned from a successful visit to Wales under their Musical Director, Kate Wood-Cattran and Accompanist Kathleen Trewhella. Their programme included my own
Gig Night, which celebrates the end of a day’s racing at an Isles of Scilly Gig racing event.

More about the Apollo choir at:

“Lesley’s Song”

or “Where’s Jack”

by Paul Hickson

Quiet as a mouse, loud as a lion,
In magical musical Marazion.
Singing of birth, war and love,
The choir go dreckly to the pub.

"Where's Jack, does anyone know?,
He’s in the cellar, down below”.

Silver darlings dance on a line,
Sparkling hues of sunshine.
God's bountiful fish of the sea,
Home to a sunset, Newlyn quay.

"Where's Jack, does anyone know?,
He’s in the hold, down below”.

Yellow maids, stooks in Mount field,
Winnowed reveal their golden yield,
Bales circled a-loft in the barn,
Time for an ale, a song and a yarn.

"Where's Jack, does anyone know?,
He’s in the stable, down below”.

Safe and secure in his tender hands,
Guardian of our sacred lands,
Saving our souls on our knees we pray,
Singing in Chapel on Sunday.

"Where's Jack, does anyone know?,
He’s in the crypt, down below”.

As the lads and men leave the mine,
Candles stowed and tags on the tynne,
The shout goes up, Jack's on the stope.
Abandoned alone, with only hope.

"Where's Jack, does anyone know?,
He’s with the ‘nockers down below”.

Carried by the wheelhouse stack,
Bleeding and bundled in a sack,
'Til in his cot, bro-ken and ill,
St Peter said, "I've come to tal-ly your bill,
Tally your bill, tally your bill”.

"Where's Jack, does anyone know?,
He’s upstairs, in bed with Jill”.

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